​Master Mike’s martial arts journey began when his parents put him in Tae Kwon Do to learn self-defense.  As a smaller child, his parents hoped to prepare him for the potential of being bullied and wished to provide him the skills that could help him protect to himself.  After earning a black belt, Mike and his parents felt that he was well prepared for any situation.  After all, many hours were spent training in the studio and Mike had perfected all the techniques taught to him, so there was no way that Mike would ever become a target of bullying.  But Mike and his parents were misguided.  When confronted on the playground one day, Mike was easily beat up by a larger, stronger opponent.  The techniques learned in the studio did not work in real life.

As Mike entered adulthood and joined the Marine Corps, he began his search for a martial arts style that did work.  Spending 10 years in the Corps while getting to train alongside SEAL Team Six members and in various specialized training programs, Mike began to clear up many of his misconceptions about hand to hand combat.   Through the training of such martial arts styles as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Personal Defense Systems, Shotokon, and Kempo, Mike quickly learned to value the practicality of some techniques while dismissing those that were taught for show or simply did not work.  Over the years, Mike’s ideas began to come together, and in the Spring of 2001, Evolve Academy of Martial Arts was born.

Evolve Academy was crafted from the idea that everyone can learn how to defend themselves and that martial arts should be taught not just for the “Fighting” but also for the betterment of the person. Always on the cutting edge of the industry, Evolve Academy has become one of the largest academy’s in the country with over 70 Black Belts awarded to students in four different areas of discipline.  Evolve Academy is a world-class organization comprised of extremely skilled and dedicated martial artists who strive for the highest standards of excellence.  Having been in the Gaithersburg, Maryland area for nearly 20 years, their staff is a team of highly motivated individuals, dedicated and committed to their students, their industry and their community. 

Evolve Academy is continuously evolving in order to better serve their customers and team members, and they believe that by empowering their students with valuable life skills such as self-confidence, focus and conflict resolution, they can help to improve their everyday lives.



  554 N. Citrus Ave. Crystal River, Florida 34428

Established 1990